2013 Arkansas Adventure

The Arkansas Adventure 2013


The Arkansas Adventure 2013

As the story was told to be, by an unknown seer of the future we began our journey to the place called Arkansas. The gathering began at a place on the outskirts of Ozark, MO. I reckon it went as good as we could have hoped for (far as I could see anyhow).

The leader of the caravan led us across the old rickety Finley River Bridge. Yeah that’s the one, you know, the one you always hear them rumors about how it’s going to collapse. Well anyway we can thank our lucky stars that we all made across without incident.

From that old bridge we traveled some real pretty and curvy country roads. We got to see some of them exotic animals like horses, cows, goats and chickens oh yeah, the icing on the cake was seeing a rare wild turkey, the live kind not the kind those fine folk bottle.

There was a change in roads from time to time. There were many small townships or as I like to call them, villages. You know I heard some where it takes a village.

We stopped at this quaint little station in a place the call Protem. By then everybody had to potty so the line was long. When I walked out the door them fellas were all huddled up, each one holding a map. I guess they had gone and got us lost. It seemed like forever before they finally agreed on the way our travels should lead us. I wondered why no one seemed to have one of those new fangled thingys we call a GPS. It’s my understanding that they are magical devices that show the way when you’re lost.

Dabnabbit I was right, those fellas drove us right to the end of the road, unless it was under the water. If we gone any further we be swimming with the fishes.  Then came a miracle, I swear it was!!!  This big ole ferry boat let us drive our cars on it and took us to the other side where the road came out of the water. It was real adventuresome riding on that ferry boat.

Shortly after finding the road and driving off the ole ferry we were on our way again. We followed some more curvy roads and then drove across the very exciting Bull Shoals Dam. From the dam it was just a hop, skip and a jump to Gaston’s White River Resort.

They were waiting for us when we got there, before we knew it we were all gathered in the dining hall for a delicious dinner. Good thing, I heard grumbly tummy’s all around. The food was terrific and the company even better.

Now it was my understanding that Bill and Cindy had an after dinner party, I didn’t attend so I can’t say how wild it got. It must have been something though; everyone was real hush hush about it the next morning.

We all straggled in and out of the dining hall at breakfast time and headed back toward home afterwards. There were a few of us that decided to caravan on the trip back home.

All in all it was a trip well worth taking and certainly worth doing again.


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