2013 Club Excursion on the Princess

Ahoy me Hearties



Ahoy me Hearties,

Yep’r ye can blow me down if it weren’t pouring cats and dogs when ye left Springfield to meet up with the other buckaroo’s going on the voyage. Good thing the more the compass pointed south the clearer the sky got.

Lucky me matey tis an Old Salt who knew arriving early would give us the chance to find some booty before them other Buccaneer’s showed up. Shiver me timbers if he wasn’t right. That old Seadog found us some frozen booty them there landlubbers call ice cream. Not long after that frozen booty melted another treasure was to be had; two pounds to be exact! Blimey that Fudgery brought a good hall.

We ran into other buccaroo’s along the way looking for booty too. No worries there were plenty to go around. Shhh don’t want upset me hearties less wise ye might send me to visit Davey Jones Locker.

Shortly before time to board the Princess my maties gathered on the dock and spent some time meeting and greeting everyone. I genuinely enjoyed our Boatswain Mark giving out tickets to board, it seemed like ye won the best bootie when yer name was called. Way to go Mark!

After relinquishing our tickets, a brief photo op and boarding the princess; weigh anchor was ordered and we were underway.

Blimey my hopes for some good shots of the lake and the local area were dashed as the fog started rolling in. The bald eagle perched in a tree was an awesome sight but by the time I got the photo it had flew into the fog. Arg!  No worries me Hearties, Got some shots of ye buccaneers, enjoyed the chow, and chewing the fat with me mates.

The Princess crew was tip top, no free booters there.  When alas me cap’t called avast to the voyage. We docked and departed.

Until next time Picaroons.

Title: Club Excursion on the Princess
Location: Branson Landing
Description: Come for yacht tour on beautiful Lake Taneycomo. Dinner provided – dancing optional. Two hour trip up the lake. Cash bar. Leaves at 4:30 PM from the dock in the middle of Branson Landing. Please RSVP to Club email address.
Start Time: 4:30 PM
Date: 2013-06-15
End Time: 7:00 PM

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