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Post by jtlaw1 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 6:33 am

Hello GOBMC'ers,

It is that HOHOHO time again!

Our Christmas Party is still on! December 5th from 11:30 - 2ish at the Keeter center in Hollister, MO located on The College Of The Ozarks campus. Those who helped with parking cars will have their meal paid for by the club, those who did not participate, the cost is $24/person. This years meal will be like years past on the type of food and the superb quality, but this year due to the covid-19 precautions, the meal will be plated and served by the C of O students rather than the traditional buffet style. Face masks will be required in the entryway and hallways, but only required in the dining room while the students are in the room.

We need to give a headcount to the college by November 30th 2020. Please RSVP with Beth Reid ASAP. she can be reached at beth.accents@yahoo.com or 417-598-0712.

It is also time for officer elections, all positions are up for grabs, please don't be shy! we need the involvement of our members to build this club back up, this is where it starts! I have been informed that our current vice president of membership, Joe Johnson, will not be able to continue further in that position. Joe, thank you very much for all you have done and we hope you can continue with the newsletter, it has been great to have that back!

2020 has been a very trying year for the club with the pandemic, no car shows, dwindling membership and the tragic loss of one of our founding members. Lets all try to do our part to make 2021 a year of rebirth. Lets strive for better meeting turn outs, better club representation at local AND non-local car shows, more drives and overnight trips. Lets get out there, in our british cars and expose the younger car generation to the british car community and get them to fall in love with it like we have.

Scott Swope, Board Member and past president
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: John & Tanya Lawson

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